Introducing our new yoga teacher, Jess!!

Yoga has been part of my life for over 10 years now and with every year its importance to me grows. Yoga keeps my body, mind, heart and soul light, loving, fearless and full of energy. My practice inspires me to be better every day in every facet of my life and to share good vibes only!


I started my spiritual training in various ashrams in India whilst traveling there in 2009 and 2012. I completed my 200 hour teacher training in the mountains of Colorado at Shoshoni Yoga Ashram. I will always be a student of the practice and am grateful for the loving wisdom of all my teachers, mentors and gurus along my path.


In my classes I love to concentrate on Pranayama (breath) and move through Vinyasa flow style sessions using the rhythm of the breath mirroring the fluidity with which we can face our triumphs and challenges in life. My classes are rooted in the physical using asana to strengthen and soothe the body complimenting the days and our life’s activities. I believe the awareness of our bodies and minds we can gain through our yoga practice can lead us to greater heights in our surfing or any sport. The great thing about yoga and the ocean for me are they are two things which can constantly teach us. When we breathe deeply through yoga practice we create space within ourselves and on the wave for magic. I also practice and teach yin yoga and yoga nidra for deep relaxation.

I hope students step away from my classes feeling growth both physically and spiritually, energised for a sweet sweet day in the ocean. I hope I can share my passion and energy for yoga, surfing and the great journey of life with all and stay stoked through meeting other searchers daily!!!