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Getting here


You have several options to arrive to Sion Surf Camp. Depending on your budget and availability, we'll be happy to suggest what we think will adjust better to your needs.


By Taxi

If you have just arrived in Sri Lanka by plane, you can pick up a taxi from the airport. This option will typically cost you between 9,000 to 12,000 rupees and it takes 2 hours approximately.

By Train

There are daily trains leaving from Colombo Fort arriving to Ahangama. It is a very cheap option and you can choose between 3 different classes depending on the comfort you look for. - For information on trains click here or look it up on Google. It takes 3 hours aprox.

By Bus

Similarly to the train option, this will be a very cheap way to get here. There are daily buses departing from Colombo and you can find all the information you need here or looking it up on Google. It takes approximately 4 hours. 


Alternatively, If you'd wish to save all the hassle of looking into all of this, send us a note at to verify if we can send someone to pick you up. 


We hope this information is useful. Thank you!